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“We believe that luxury creations should enhance the lives of those who are fortunate enough to enjoy them and be truly responsible to the earth and the people making them.”   HKW

As luxury linen designers and manufacturers, we offer a range of services and product categories that allow you to choose what experience and product are best for you, your family, your guests, and/or your client.

You may choose to create directly with Heather Kearsley Wolf in COUTURE or you might choose to change our existing designs to colors and sizes that fit your needs with BESPOKE LIGHT.  If you are looking for curated beautifully made linens, blankets, and more at the most cost-effective pricing for orders with fewer than 10 like SKUs* then utilizing our website shopping cart to purchase from our COLLECTION is the best.

Kearsley’s team offers a team of craftspeople, designers, and highly skilled technicians to create what you need with expertise in functionality, performance, design, quality, and fibers.



Kearsley Couture is just that.  Couture is for clients looking for truly unique, one-of-a-kind creations. Clients and/or their designers enjoy the process with Heather Kearsley Wolf of creating original details, embroidery, weaves, and products that become heirlooms and treasured processions.  With an artist’s creativity and and precision of an engineer, Heather Kearsley Wolf designs and specifies leading her teams in Italy, Belgium, Scotland, and the United States to create the most exquisite and personalized products for your or your client’s pleasure.  In the case of linens, these are experienced on the most intimate of levels. 

Please allow 6-36 months for the process


Kearsley BESPOKE LIGHT, allows you to work with our team to modify our COLLECTION to meet your needs, functionality, and desires.  You may choose embroideries and details from the collections and then modify them in the following ways:

  • Change Sizes

  • Select from a wide range of embroidery colors

  • Select from a wonderful range of base fabric colors (when available).

  • Change base fabrics to other Kearsley offerings.

Please allow 2-4 months from the time the deposit is paid.

Kearsley Narragansett LInens in White with Deep Sea and Red Triple Contrasting Stitch July


Our most popular service. These have been carefully curated by Heather Kearsley Wolf to be the optimal sizes for production efficiencies and functionality.  They are her favorite combinations of fabrics, colors, and details.  While these are mostly made-to-order, they are done so with the most efficient timing and prices.  They are still the same quality of fabrics and construction as COUTURE & BESPOKE LIGHT, as well as care to the planet and our team.  In our COLLECTION there are three levels of fabrics: Daily Basics, Essentials, and Super Luxe.

Allow 6-12 weeks for the process 

Some items are in stock and can be shipped out in 1-2 business days.

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