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Kearsley BESPOKE LIGHT, allows you to work with our team to modify our COLLECTION to meet your needs, functionality, and desires.  You may choose embroideries and details from the collections and then modify them in the following ways:

  • Change Sizes

  • Select from a wide range of embroidery colors

  • Select from a wonderful range of base fabric colors (when available).

  • Change base fabrics to other Kearsley offerings.

The Process (2-4 months from the 80% payment of invoice):

  1. Forms are submitted with requested changes (looking into creating forms for this on Wix).

  2. One of our experienced team members will review it with Heather Kearsley Wolf and reply with confirmation, and suggestions, and to collect any further required information.

  3. A deposit is paid for design and specification time.

  4. Our team gets to work sorting out the costs to produce the Bespoke Light Items.

  5. A quote in the form of an Estimate is sent.  This quote is good for 30 days.  This includes the time bill for the design and specification as well as the production costs.

  6. When the Estimate is approved it is sent as an Invoice, which requires an 80% deposit to begin.  

  7. As soon as payment is received production begins.

  8. Items are completed and inspected to see if any final adjustments are to be made and prepared for installation or shipping to the client.

  9. The final Balance is paid

  10. The product is shipped or hand delivered and installed to/for the client after being properly washed and dried three times and then pressed (if applicable). 

  11.  Care instructions are delivered in print and digital form in the required languages.  The Kearsley team can also procure care products and recommendations for the proper laundry services.  

  12. Clients enjoy their products knowing they have something special, ethically made to the highest environmental and craftsmanship standards.

If this is the best match for you, please give us some specifics about your project, so that we may best assist you.

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