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Care for Your Linens

These fine linens deserve special care to ensure your continued enjoyment of their luxurious qualities. Please let us know if you would like PDF’s for care instructions in English or Spanish.

If sending your linens out to be cared for, we recommend going with the best quality cleaners. They are not all created equal. You want to ensure your laundry uses clean water and a neutral detergent.

In San Francisco Bay area we recommend Alex’s Dry Cleaning Valet

Please contact Kearsley for further resources.

Please note that if your water is hard or unfiltered well water you will need to send out your linens to be laundered and give the laundry the care instructions. Fine sediment in this type of water will wear the sheets out very quickly.

Linens last longer when they are pressed. It is best not to press with starch. Starch eats away at the fibers.

Fastest way to iron is to pull linens out when still damp and spread over a blanket over an island or peninsula to iron. Folded in half speeds things up. Fibers wear out at their ends and ironing smooths out these ends, minimizing the friction points on the linens and prolonging their life. Facial stubble is like tiny razors and pillow cases subjected to 5 o’clock shadow are going to wear far more quickly than the rest of the linens. We recommend ordering an extra set (or two) of pillowcases for those of you with (or sharing a bed with) these fine fiber destroyers on your face.

We have found that the only time our fine cotton pills is when a client has an allergy to and is sleeping with down and feathers.

Care for Kearsley Linens

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