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Kearsley Heritage

Kearsley's heritage is rooted in the centuries-old wool trade of northern England, particularly Yorkshire, and Lancashire. The name Kearsley has evolved through various spellings over time and has thrived since the late Middle Ages. As early as 1262, the fabric of Kersey, an exclusively English wool product, was first made in Andover, Hampshire. Directly connected to this history, Heather Kearsley Wolf's ancestors owned several textile mills in Lancashire and Yorkshire, primarily around the Bolton area before immigrating to the United States in the late 19th century.


Despite the industry's notorious poor working conditions, Heather was struck by her discovery of her great- great-great-grandfather's efforts to improve and standardize the workers' conditions in his mill. This legacy continues to inform Kearsley's emphasis on artisanship and sustainability, ensuring that every Kearsley linen is created with the highest environmental and craftsmanship standards in mind. By paying fair wages to a small group of artisans, we at Kearsley Couture continue to carry on this legacy of ethical manufacturing and attention to detail.

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