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Kearsley offers copyrighted and custom embroidery options and a digital sample book to showcase our designs. However, in order to access these options, Kearsley requires that members of the interior design trade register.  Overall, the registration requirement for the interior design trade is in place to ensure that Kearsley is working with professional designers who have a genuine interest in our products. It also allows Kearsley to maintain a professional relationship with the trade and to tailor our services to the needs of these professionals.


Private clients who are not members of the interior design trade and are interested in employing Kearsley's sophisticated designs and premium services will need to contact the company directly to explore your options. Please fill out the contact us form with as much information as you wish to share about your project and a qualified team member will contact you to get started.


We recommend you work through a qualified design professional because Kearsley places a high value on design expertise and the benefits of working with an experienced professional to create the optimal design solution for their clients.

For inquiries regarding custom orders, please contact us

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