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Kearsley Couture is just that.  Couture is for clients looking for truly unique, one-of-a-kind creations. Clients and/or their designers enjoy the process with Heather Kearsley Wolf of creating original details, embroidery, weaves, and products that become heirlooms and treasured processions.  With an artist’s creativity and and precision of an engineer, Heather Kearsley Wolf designs and specifies leading her teams in Italy, Belgium, Scotland, and the United States to create the most exquisite and personalized products for your or your client’s pleasure.  In the case of linens, these are experienced on the most intimate of levels. 


Please allow 6-36 months for us to collaborate, design, and create your couture items.


The Process:

  1. An appointment is made with Heather Kearsley Wolf

  2. A retainer is set up and an agreement is signed.

  3. Any and all information about the needs, space, bed, table, pool chaise, person, etc is shared.

  4. HKW meets with the client to fully understand to be able to create what the client would like and possibly propose something they had never thought of.

  5. Design concept sketches and drawings are created and colors/fabric ideas are pulled together.

  6. An estimate is created and a deposit is paid.

  7. Adjustments are made and then working drawings/digitizations are created, reviewed, and adjusted.

  8. Strike-offs (small examples of weaves, embroideries, etc) and color samples are created.

  9. An invoice is created and a second payment is made.

  10. Items go into production.

  11. Items are inspected to see if any final adjustments are to be made and prepared for installation or shipping to the client.

  12. The final Balance is paid

  13. The product is shipped or hand delivered and installed to/for the client after being properly washed and dried three times and then pressed (if applicable).  

  14. Care instructions are delivered in print and digital form in the required languages.  The Kearsley team can also procure care products and recommendations for the proper laundry services.  

  15. Clients enjoy their couture creations knowing they have something special, ethically made to the highest environmental and craftsmanship standards.

If you would like to begin this wonderful creative adventure with us, please give us a little information about yourself, so that we can connect already understanding some of your needs.

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