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Luxuriously Comfortable


Responsibly made luxury bedding, custom linens, table linens, towels, and textiles made to the highest sustainability and craftsmanship standards in Italy, Belgium, Scotland, and the United States.

At Kearsley, we bring together luxury and responsibility to create the perfect bedding, table linens, towels, and textiles. Launched in 2001 by Heather, Kearsley is a company that blends her family's history and expertise in textiles with her passion for creating exceptional products. Our commitment to sustainable materials and ethical manufacturing practices ensures that our products are not only luxurious but also eco-friendly. We believe in the beauty of functional design and take pride in crafting our products to the highest environmental and craftsmanship standards. At Kearsley, we are dedicated to educating and empowering a conscious and informed community of consumers who share our vision of elevating the bedding and textile industry.

Join us in our mission to create a better world, one thread at a time.

Shop Daily Essentials

This image is a cart showing the four colorways of the Narragansett bedding collections.  The colors of the sheets are lobster, red, white and ddepsea (a dark navy).  The lower left images shows the close up of the deep sea linens with the yellow, white and yellow constrasting triple sail stitch.  The lower right photo shows theWhite Narragansett pillowshams, top sheet and bottom fitted sheet withDeep Sea contrasting triple sail stitch with Daily Basics pillowshams and an ADm matelassé coverlet.  The top image is of the Narragansett Bay taken by our designer Heather Kearsley Wolf on a sunny day with many moored bots showing.  The words say Narragansett Summer Sateen weave with a Triple Sail Stitch.  They are 300 thread count extra long staple Egyptian cotton sateen sheets woven, finished and sewn in Italy by Kearsley..
This is an image in the deep Kearsley red with white writing.  It shows the Kearsley logo with the Torquil Kersley knot logo above.  It says Special Sale 60-90% off.  It features showrooms sampls, overruns, and discontinued product.  amazing bargains on luxury bedding, luxury linens, throw pillows, bed skirts, bolsters, boudoir pillows

Our History & Quality

Kearsley creates the world’s finest linens with a simple formula. We partner with the very best weavers and only use the very best fibers for each category.  Unlike most textiles on the market, our fabrics are created by highly experienced artisans in Italy, who work in family-run workrooms in Lombardi.


To the Trade

Bespoke Ordering

Kearsley works with designers, specifiers, purchasing agents and hotel owners to create bespoke products that deliver outstanding design, luxury and comfort. Register as a designer with Kearsley and you will receive a discount code to use for all online purchases, free cutting samples, and no sales tax. Register at the button below.

Custom, bespoke and couture all mean the same thing in American, English and French.  It is what we love best at Kearsley.  Kearsley can create any embroidery for your project or we can alter or color any of our existing embroideries to coordinate or match your environment.

Shop Super Luxe

This is a cart showing the Kersley Cashmere Poncho Colllection. The main image is Heather Kearsley wolf on a lawn with soe green woods behind her with sunglasses and black clothes wearing a Silver Grey and Charcoal St. Anton finest Mongolian Cashmere Poncho with two front pockets with the Kearsley Torquil logo embroidered on them.  The lower seven images are of the Italian woven cashmere colors Kearsley makes.  Silver Grey, Wolf, Vanilla, Dark Camel, espresso and Charcoal
This is a card linking through to the St. Anton Cashmere A Super Luxe Collection by Kearsley.  It is Custom blankets and throws woven in Italy of the finest Mongolian cashmere which are sewn in Italy or made in the USA.  Theupper left photo is by Bill Boyd and shows Kearsley Charlotte White linens stacked Classic pillow shams with a Silver Grey Kearsley St. anton Cshmere Blanket on a beautiful mirrored and upholstered Julia Grey bed,  The photo on the right is a close up of a Kearsley St. Anton Dark Camel Blanket with 1/2" hem detail.  The bottom images are the sevel colors Kearsley weav4ees of their MOngolian cashmere in Italy: Silver Grey, Wolf (a dark brown grey), Vanilla, dark Camel, Espresso, and Chrcoal.  In the back ground are the beautiful snowy mountains of St. Anton Austria which Heather loves to ski.

"The gravitational pull of the earth grows stronger when you are sleeping in Kearsley sheets."

Glenn Sorensen
Private Client

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