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The Challenging Realm of Bed Sizes (Understanding US Bed Sizes)

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

I thought I would share this handy US bed size chart with all of you. Perhaps it will answer questions you have had for a long time.

Here we have shown a chart of the standard US bed sizes: Twin, XL Twin, Standard/Full, Queen, King, CA King, Wyoming King, and Alaska King....there are larger ones, but we did not have room on this page.s
Chart of some standard US Bed Sizes

CA King mattresses are only slightly larger than Kings and are four inches narrower. So, if more space is what you want and you are not over six feet tall, you are much better off with a King bed. If you are over six feet tall a CA King is best and I highly recommend you do not have a footboard that comes above the top of the mattress. There are longer sizes and wider of King beds on the market now, too.

Extra Long Twins are a great secret regularly used on boats. They are as long as a Queen and King Bed, so two of them are a great solution when you need to fit two adult guests in one room, who would be more comfortable in separate beds.

Full sizes are tricky as they are short for most people. They are the same length as a regular twin. So, if you have space for a Queen, it is highly recommended. The chart shows an Extra Long Full, but you will be hard-pressed to find mattress pads, beds, or linens for those...if at all.

Custom mattress sizes are available from many mattress makers around the world as well, for odd sizes and shapes.

Of course, I have only covered US mattress sizes and most countries have their own unique sizes, often with the same names. A good example is the English King size is a US Queen. My point is, it is essential to really think about how one needs to use their bed and who will be in it. One surprising recommendation: be sure to measure the mattress when it arrives. China has become a big consumer of mattresses, many made in the US. They have three king sizes and none are the same as the US sizes but are quite close. So, if you end up with a mislabeled Chinese King of some sort, your linens will not fit quite right (we have seen it happen more than once at Kearsley) now we ask that all beds we make linens be measured. It is easier for all in the long run.

Since Kearsley makes all of our linens custom....we can fit whatever you need just right and we can help you in understanding what US bed size is best for you and your life.

Sweet dreams!

We are always here to answer your questions and is a great place to find more useful tips and information. Heather Kearsley Wolf's talk "Understanding, Specifying, & Caring for Fine LInens" is .2 CEU accredited and she is available to speak to ASID and IIDA chapters.

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